Sparky, are you thinking of MICRONikkors, which are taking lenses for 35 mm still, intended for use up to 1:1 (exception, the 105/2.8 MicroNikkor AI/AIS, which goes to 0.88:1) or MACRONikkors, which are designed for photomacrography? I ask because the shortest MicroNikkor is the 55. MacroNikkors are competitive with Luminars, and the shorter Luminars are easier to use and better than a 55 MicroNikkor at high magnifications (> 10:1).

Optimization is one thing, lens quality is another. The photomacrographic lenses I tried out varied in best resolution (USAF 1951 on glass), most, not all, were best over a not too large range of magnifications. They're optimized.

Few enlarging lenses are used for photomacrography because few enlarging lenses are very good. I've found an exception, Wollensak's 101/5.6 Enlarging Pro Raptar, which is nearly as good from 1:4 to 4:1 as my 100/6.3 Neupolar and tied with a 100/6.3 Luminar. Against this result, Klaus Schmitt has one and doesn't regard it as anything special.