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I and my wife are downsizing and I am looking to switch from LF (4X5, 5X7) and get into a hasselblad system: will I be happy?
Yes. If you're exactly like me and don't like using sheet film. If you love using sheet film, you may regret it. I have never missed the extra print quality I got from 4x5 in enlargements from 120 film (or 35mm for that matter). That may not apply to you, if you're really into the ultimate print quality.
The Hasselblad and I get along really well. It's quick enough to set up that I can be responsive to quickly changing conditions, even react on intuition when I hand hold it. It's very easy and accurate to focus, and the lenses are superb. If you maintain your camera they are mechanically very good and reliable. It's a camera that really gels with how I photograph.

Good luck with your choice. I think only you can answer your question, since we're all different.