The camera in the video reminds me of a Graflex or Mamiya that I saw once. Enormous viewfinder spanning the whole of the top of the camera, butt-ugly thing.

The most unfortunate-looking rig in my accumulation would probably be (excepting one or two so-called bridge cams) the Elan IIE. Champagne-colored metal top and front, with a huge round IR focus-assist port on the front. This thing was so visually offensive when I first saw it that I stayed away from the camera store for several years and refused to upgrade my original Elan. Lately I've discovered the usefulness of lightweight gear, swallowed my pride, and bought one via ebay. It's actually an excellent camera, and are so cheap and plentiful that I bought a few. The all-black EOS 55 (Japanese model) isn't quite so hideous; I managed to snag a pair from KEH for $26 each.

Other ugly conventional cameras of my acquaintance include the Canon AL-1, T-50, T-70, and (shudder) the T-80 with the goiter lens.