Dear All,

The management of HARMAN technology Limited have once again approved the annual ULF run of ILFORD Photo film products :

As usual the full listing of items available will be published as a press release on our website in April along with the updated list of our ULF re-seller partners around the world, without whom it would not be possible to carry out this process. I will advise Apuggers when that is done. The orders are collated by our various distributor partners and the film is manufactured at our Mobberley factory during August of 2013, it is then shipped by sea to our distributors and onward shipped to our re-seller partners, arriving in the USA and Canada during mid to late September.

As in previous years ( and as of today ) we will have 22 none-standard sizes of FP4+ and 23 sizes of HP5+ along with 8 special sizes of ORTHO + . Last year we offered for the first time DELTA 100 Professional in 6 sizes, due to requests that have already been made to us not only is DELTA 100 Professional being made available again in 2013but we have already added a further 3 sizes Item No 1174645 11" x 14" 25 sheets : Item No 1174656 8" x 20" 25 sheets and Item No 1174667 12" x 20" :

We are happy to accept further size requests, although we are pretty sure we have most covered! If you make such a request please make sure you actually do order the product as in addition to the above we have 6 sets of ISO standard cutter guides ( that cost several hundreds of pounds each ) that have never been used as no actual orders were received.

We thank all of you who order during the ULF run and thank you for valuing ILFORD Photo products.

Simon.R.Galley ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :