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I always think Chan a light meter accuracy depends to a large extent on who's interpreting the readings, they can't as many people think just be waved casually in the direction of the the subject and the resultant reading be taken as gospel without some thought.
I actually think of accuracy in a different way. To me a meter is accurate if it conforms to its specification. As you know you own the KM flashmeter VI it's calibrated to a K14 and C330 for incident with the dome and C250 with the flat disc. The light level is defined as to how many lux or how many cd/m^2 for reflected. And the meter is accurate if it conform to that with a small tolerance.
With that said a meter can be accurate and accurately wrong if the user doesn't know how to interpret the readings.
By the way the way you describe some people make meter readings is almost the same way Ansel Adams described how Edward Weston did his meter reading... any way he got excellent result and so did Adams.