The Beau flash bracket, made extremely well from aluminum to last pro shooter lifetime.
Holds Metz or regular flash right above the lens. In this configuration is perfect for square medium format cameras.
Well adjustable in all directions with nice and comfortable foam on the handle. Price $100

Wollensak 50mm/ f4.5 Enlarging Raptar with original front cap and jamming nut. Thread diameter 30mm or 1 3/16”. Very clear, no haze, no fungus. Price $15

Meopta Belar 4.5/105mm. I grow up with Meopta enlarging lenses and they were always very good performers. Diameter 30mm but different thread pitch than Raptar. Price $10

Soft focus attachment with lens hood & filter/vignettes slots. For 77mm lens front. Price $15

Lowe Pro, Street & field, exposed film safety pouch with AW (all weather cover). In perfect condition. Price $15

Eskofot Ultragon 210mm/f8, I did some shots with lens mounted on Hasselblad, very sharp.
The only thing I can find is a few specks of dust.
No imperfections in the glass at all. Iris moves smoothly. Includes mounting flange. Price $35

11x14" 4 blades Paper Easel made by Albert Specialty Co. Chicago
Very solid, black base and you can easily square blades if necessary.
Local pick up preferred (in Vancouver, Canada)
Will ship if necessary!
Asking Price $30

5 UNOPENED BAGS of Legendary Atomal Attachment 64808developer- Each to make 1 liter of working solution. All bags are the same batch # 74089H
“Atomal is a very fine grain negative developer with compensating effect and maximum speed yield”- official Agfa blurb
Price - $40

All Prices – OBO
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