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As a film photography speciality shop, we sell more film than a regular camera shop because we attract film photographers.

There is another shop in town (Glass Key Photo) that is even more adventurous than we are in catering to the film community.
Sorry I did not find you when in town visting last summer.

I did drop into Glass Key, gab for an hour, and restock on a 5 pack of Provia and a bunch of photo themed pins and fridge magnets.
Plus browsing the records of Ricky's or whatever the used record store was called he is in was fun too.

Wierdly I found 2- makes 10L e-6 reversal bath bottles on clearance at Gassers for a few bucks, and they actually flew home ok in my luggage, and are working great
On the other hand my wife's by of bbq sauce dissappeared en route.

So your shop will make destination #2 for next time I am in your part of the world. #1 is Green Apple used book stores.
#3 is the used record store in the old bowling alley.