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no...THAT will be your undoing.

you need high contrast first deveopment--you're only developing 35mm and super 8...hardly any chemicals used at all and THAT'S too expensive? Then you can't afford to do it, sorry to say.

Every "smartcookie" macguyver genius out there thinks that the laws of physics will bend for them because they are so brilliant and they don'tWANT to have to spend money like normal "stupid" people.

good luck with that.
No, Super 8 takes 1L of developer for each film. You are suggesting that I use Dektol liquid at 1+1. That's a whole bottle of concentrated developer at 10 per bottle per film and 5 times the usual concentration normally used to develop Tri-X to neg state. I don't think it's unreasonable to question such an approach.

johnielvis, please leave the sarcastic comments out. Your constant patronising use of UPPER case was annoying enough. I'd simply rather you not answer if you cannot be polite.