Macros are only part of what I like to do but they are my favourite part. I'm also getting more into landscapes, I'm going on a week long Bruce Percy course in April and I need to be familiar with what ever camera I buy by then as I would like to do the course shooting mainly colour slide.

I have tried doing something similar to my 35mm macro's with an RZ67, totally messed that up. That camera takes a bit of getting used to! I would like to try it again though, get to know the camera better and see what happens. Thanks for the tips on the extension tubes, I will look into that. I did get some results I was happy with when I shot with a Mamiya 7, that is a camera that I like. These are camera's I get to borrow to try out.

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If all you do are macro's then any cheap EOS camera should do, you don't need the 1V, its an amazing camera, and great for hard weather and tough photoshoots, but the macro stuff is usually done with manual focus and so you could probably get away with just using a rebel body... spend $100 instead of $800 ...

Also for MF macro, I use my Mamiya RZ67 with extension tubes, you can get 1:1, you can shoot many images without a macro lens because of the bellows on the RZ system... you can also get the RB system which is just as good for your purposes just a bit older version, and if you ever decide to upgrade form the RB to the RZ system, the lenses can be used on both.

I almost feel I messed up with buying the RZ system, as the RB doesn't require batteries and I do a lot of long exposure shots at night these days and my batteries often fail on hour long exposures

I digress... point is, take a look, the RB67 is super heavy, but certainly really nice macro's

EDIT: oh and CHEAP!! look on ebay, they are going for like nothing! I got a whole system for $400... and that was the RZ67 which is newer, body, 2 lenses, 3 backs, polaroid back, viewfinder all for $400