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Kodak recommends using D-94 or D-94A as a first developer. This is a high contrast developer containing 9.1 ml of a solution of sodium thiocyanate. Since thiocyanate is twice as effective as thiosulfate and the solution is ~50% this corresponds to 9 g/l of sodium thiosulfate.

I would suggest using Dektol 1+1 as the first developer instead of the more dilute solution that you have been using.
Gerald. So, if I'm using anhydrous that makes my 5g per 330ml into approx 6g per 330ml or 18g/L. So double what Kodak use? I guess that was too much. But then I also tried 1/10 of that and got a washed out positive image that looked like it was 15% reduced in density.

With regards using Dektol at 1+1. But are you aware that I am using Dektol liquid (Polymax). This is diluted at 1+9 to make the equivalent of 1+2 of stock Dektol made from powder?