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OTOMH, I cannot remember the formula for D94, but I do know that Dektol is a paper developer. As such it is low solvent (Sulfite) and high in restrainer (Bromide) and these two may be your problem. Remember, what you are trying to do has been done by others with success.

PE, thanks for the upport. I am finding it hard to work out how those others did it. Someone in Holland (Frank at super8.nl) has used Ilford multigrade, Dokumol and Dokulith. These are all paper developers - but are they different to Dektol?

Also, remember that mrred has made Dektol work with 5 or 6 B&W negative films (two were 400ASA) with very good success. I have used much the same method on Tri-X with poor results. This is why I start to wonder that Tri-X is resistant to this process.