Durst Laborator 1200 Enlarger Base
Durst CLS 501 Color Head
Durst EST 500N Transformer

Fermobox (Original Box)
69N Diffuser
450N Diffuser
Femomask 35N
Femomask 66N
Femomask 67N
Femomask 450N
Femoglass AN Set (Replaces upper glass in carrier to avoid Newton’s Rings)
FemoNeg Negative Carrier
5 Durst Lapla 39 Lense Adaptors
Rodenstock APO-Rodagon 1:4.8 f=180 mm Enlarging Lense (Original Box)
Rodenstock APO-Rodagon 1:5.6 f=135 mm Enlarging Lense
Rodenstock APO-Rodagon 1:6 f=80 mm Enlarging Lense
Rodenstock APO-Rodagon 1:2.8 f=50mm Enlarging Lense
4 Manual Adjust Rods for Color Head
Laborator Manuel

Bonus: Ilfordchrome chemical kit and paper - Can’t vouch for being good, but never opened.

Jobo CPP2 Automated Developer
2 2840 Tubes for 14" wide prints
1 2850 Tube for 20" wide prints

Gra Lab 525 Digital Darkroom Timer
Gra Lab 300 Darkroom Timer
Saunder 20x16 Easel

Asking $3500.00 for the Lot