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That's exactly what makes it work, IMHO. As a lifelong American West denizen and an inveterate desert rat, I recognize O'Sullivan's landscapes as "home" in a way that's missing in much of the more "artified" work of photographers like AA. O'Sullivan's West is dry, dirty, and tough; so is the one I know. I recognize the big Grand Landscapes are there, of course, but to my eye the f/64 approach romanticizes them and loses some reality.

Looking at those images makes me want to shove off from work and head out to the Salton Sea with a camera.

Agreed, %100. I for a long time search out the AA look, then realized it doesn't reflect what is real and moving for me here in the West. I like no clouds in the skies sometimes, because often times, that's how it looks. Bleak, dry, nada.

Now I need to go crawl under a rock again.