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I do like following threads where people extol the reliability and build quality of their equipment. I like hefty, well constructed and (sometimes) well-crafted and tactile cameras. But reading through this thread from the first post on just highlighted the clichés used like cheap currency. "Built like a tank" - please, stop saying that. Is it a good thing? Heavy, unwieldy... just over-used phrase and not at all meaningful any more. And "hammer nails with it" - really? Has anyone tried it? Don't think any camera will stand up that. And it is also a boring, banal statement. "It's a weapon" - yes, in as much as any moderately heavy object can be. So what. Your camera is heavy. Big deal.

Like this thread though - nice info and love for a good camera.
Thank you!
Heavy doesn't mean its well built, it just means its heavy...
Efficient engineering means you have a well made product using the minimal amount of material needed to do such a job

I love my F2AS, and its a wonderful camera, but when you walk around holding your camera (not a fan of straps), you notice it real quickly
I'm pretty sure my F3/MD4 combo is lighter without batteries