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Macros are only part of what I like to do but they are my favourite part. I'm also getting more into landscapes, I'm going on a week long Bruce Percy course in April and I need to be familiar with what ever camera I buy by then as I would like to do the course shooting mainly colour slide.

I have tried doing something similar to my 35mm macro's with an RZ67, totally messed that up. That camera takes a bit of getting used to! I would like to try it again though, get to know the camera better and see what happens. Thanks for the tips on the extension tubes, I will look into that. I did get some results I was happy with when I shot with a Mamiya 7, that is a camera that I like. These are camera's I get to borrow to try out.
Love the Mamiya 7 but not for Macro's...

If you don't project your slides then shooing 6x7 chromes is just amazing,putting then on the light box... It's so fantastic!

Best of luck!


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