You will need a very sturdy tripod with the 1V and mirror lock-up + 2 second self timer engaged; it's size and weight gives a handy buffer against vibration, but macro requires care with a big camera. You might need to manually select a focusing point from the many that, to quite a few photographers, are inconveniently placed in a central cluster; this camera, like the EOS 5, EOS 3 and 1N variants, may still hunt and scratch in macro. The EF 100mm f2.8 macro would be a best match with manual focus engaged.

I do not agree that any cheap EOS (or any other body) is OK for macro. Cheap cameras do not have the realiability that is so much a requirement for everyday landscape and critical photography.

Have a look at the EOS resource created in Malaysia and of which I am an occasional contributor and moderator for the message board there: navigate to the EOS1V section; it's thick, detailed, technical and sometimes heavy reading with the occasional fractured ChingLish.

The good thing about your choice, despite what else is said here, is that it will keep you away from the sickly scourge of digital! Bonza!