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Much more similar to Tech Pan than TMax. That is not to say it is all that similar to Tech Pan, just that it bears zero similarity to TMax (or any other medium speed general purpose film for that matter - I just used TMax 100 as an example because it is the finest grained general purpose film I know of).

"Excellent tonality" is highly subjective, and also relative. Perhaps relative to CMS20, Copex Rapid has excellent tonality. But any general purpose film will spank it. Note also the exposure scale is very important - ie how long a subject luminance range the film can record/render.

I think it is important for people to see the "big picture" here. When you use a film like Tech Pan, or Copex, or CMS20 or Imagelink etc for general photography, you are working against the film. That is, you are using it for purposes for which it wasn't really designed. People want to try to make these films work because they are exceedingly fine grained. But you don't get something for nothing. In exchange for micro-fine grain you get relatively poor, harsh tonality, a short exposure scale, abysmal speed, odd spectral responses (Tech Pan for example), and zero flexibility.

This is not to say you shouldn't use these films, and I've seen some good examples here and there - but these have always been examples that made use of the inherent high contrast properties of the film. They might be useful for very low contrast subjects, special effects etc. But when it comes to the notion you can substitute these films for general purpose films and make prints from smaller negatives look like they were made from larger negatives, not gonna happen.

All I can suggest is try them for yourself. Do some careful testing, expose and process very carefully, and decide if they give you the results you want. Everyone sees things differently so they might work perfectly well for you.
It seems most people using these document films are only concerned with resolution; most of the examples on the net show a problem with contrast.

I wanted to test a few rolls of Rollei/Agfa Retro 80s but my RLS developer was DOA. Several people have compared Retro 80s it to APX 25 - I'm curious to see the results. Do you have any experience with this film ?