a leica CL has been my standard traveling camera for 30-plus years -- it is quick, small, accurate, precise and ultra-reliable. The only time it needed repair was when I tripped at the grand canyon, fell, and the camera landed on top of the 25mm auxiliary rangefinder I had there, jamming the top plate in and messing up the rangefinder to the tune of $500 or so, which I gladly paid.

The Minolta 90mm lens is made by Leica, the leica 40mm Summicron is astonishing. I am not familiar with the other rokkors, but I use both a canon 25mm and a voigtlander 15, both to great satisfaction. The leica uses a meter on a little swing-out arm and when you use the voigtlander 15 you have to add a stop of exposure because it is too close to the lens and thinks the light is brighter than it is. I believe the CLE uses a different metering system so you should not have any worries.

But if Minolta used its expertise gained from the CL to build the CLE, it should be a sweet user.