I cant wait for the 3d printer revolution. There are a number of techs co-developing right now, some using simple plastic extruders, others using lasers for curing plastics, and even others using projectors as a light source to cure the plastic as it forms in a bath. The last two I hear are the most precise and require the least amount of manual finishing and offer the greatest range of detail and design freedom when creating objects.

This would be awesome to make simple pinhole cameras with, or your own bulk loader, or custom camera grips even. It would be even more awesome if they could be used to form softer materials like silicone, or maybe use the 3d printer to make a simple mold and use that mold for the silicone, and bam you got custom fit eyecups, and soft grips for cameras, in any color your would like. Soft release buttons galore, film holders, etc etc.