I got this Wisner because even though I got a Chamonix 045N-2, I couldn't resist the looks of a beautiful wooden 4x5 Field. Alas, it's not for me because (a) just too darn large compared to the Chamonix, and (b) can't really deal with short lenses, even with the bag bellows, so offering it up here.

I. Wisner Technical Field 4x5: condition is, 9/10 cosmetics (just one nick on the bottom board, shown in the photos), and everything else sans problems as far as I can see. Light-tight bellows. All gears and movement working smooth. Ground glass without issue. One potential turn-off may be the holder for the Toyo reflex viewer (see below), which was attached to the rear standard via 4 screws. If you don't need/want the viewer and want to take the holder off, there will be the screw holes left behind. Comes with three lens boards, Copal 1 and Copal 3 are originals, and one DIY looking one with 44mm hole, which had a Graflex Tele-Optar 25cm f5.6 mounted on it.

II. Bag bellows: looks sans issue. I'm not sure if this should have come with some sort of wire support to go in the middle like I've seen some bag bellows have. If so, this is lacking it.

III. Toyo Refelex Viewer with detachable magnifying eyepiece: condition is 9/10, with just light scuffs here and there.

I. $750, I+II = $800, I+III = $850, I+II+III = $900, all OBO.

I would like to keep II. and III. with I. until I. sells. Once I. sells and if II. and III. are left, I will offer them separately.

Here are images in high-res: https://picasaweb.google.com/1162261...Q&noredirect=1