i used to have discussions with friends in college about this sort of thing.
but it wasn't with photography, it was about food. you see, they had a colony of
sea monkeys. they had the little magnifying tank and lots of these little scepter and orb holding
throwned and robed critters. they were swimming and swimming and loving life in their
tiny kingdom. there was a lot of floom as well ( .. you know the fancy name for fish poop on the tank floor ) ...
SO what happened was you fed the royal fish and they had to eat the floom to get to the food ...

we live in a world of processed food, that is sprayed with nutrients on a conveyor belt.
there IS good photography out there, but its the miniscule piece of fish food in a bed of floom.
how do you make photographs, not floom? i don't think the fellow you linked to is far off
the trick is to make things that do not need to be sprayed with nutrients.