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Thanks for the link, I found the correct section and will take a read through. My EF 100mm f2.8 macro is one of the lenses I use a lot, not just for macros, it a fantastic lens. I also have a pretty decent tripod, it has been used with a Mamyia RZ67 so I think it would cope with a 1V. I realise there are a lot of good cheap Canon's out there but I don't want to get something that I have to replace again soon. I only got my 5 last June so it didn't last long, I know it had been well looked after and not used much but it still broke in what I think of as a short space of time. Reliability is a big factor for me here.

I'm more than happy to keep away from the "scourge of digital" Since my two analougue Canon's are broken I had to dig out my 40D last weekend to take photos with, what a soulless experience that was .
My first professional digital was the 40D, I rather think it's a fairly good camera as digitals go, but yes, it is still digital, the image is what you put into it, if you created something beautiful, there's a little soul in there...