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Were you aware of this request form on the IlfordPhoto website?

Ilford New Product Request Page

Thanks Ken, yes I've seen this, but again it's not the same as a graph of % to goal of orders of x film... One could create an order if it didn't exist, and then others could tag onto it...

So say there's already a request for 4x5 PanF+ on the site, I go there and see that, I say, "man I want some too, oh look they are 43% to there goal, I'll order $200 worth, I hope they make their goal!" then I'm thinking "man I'd love some PanF+ in 70mm as well, but it's not a requested option, I'll create one, I hope other people jump on this and make orders too!" then ilford looks at the cost of making that, and inputs that into the goal bar and updates that periodically, heck, if it's an up front charge, then you have basically a whole year to reach your goal, and then when the run happens, hopefully you've made the goal and ilford had some extra money sitting in their coffers gaining interest. It's a serious win-win... As another said, if in that year they don't make the goal, the money is refunded but they still get to keep all that interest earned everyone wins!