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that's funny, when you compare new canon kit lenses for digi they had TONS of CA, while the respective nikkors are much, much better
Like I said, the L glass has better CA than the Nikkor pro glass, but the nikkor's prosumer lenses are probably better than canon's prosumer lenses, that wouldn't surprise me, because anyone who only buys a $300 lens isn't really pro enough that the CA would affect them, they aren't really printing for gallery shows or anything, and the difference in CA is negligible for even 11x14 prints that you probably wouldn't even notice it unless you were using a calibrated machine to see it. Heck I'm using a shitty 24-85 lens on my 1V right now, this lens came from my EOS IX APS camera from roughly 1997 and I haven't noticed any real CA to complain about. Both systems are great, and none of our discussion is helping the OP, so, lets just say it doesn't ultimately matter, I was just describing something for the OP since he wasn't a canon user, it was info I thought he might want to know. Both Nikon and Canon and Minolta/Sony and Pentax are good systems with good glass, and everyone wants to fight about who's better, and I find most often the people who tout the most about about how perfect their lenses are *cough* Leica *cough* have the shittiest pictures