I fully acknowledge that this discussion has gone way off topic for APUG by now, but since it concerns the viability of negative film as a photographic medium I would like to add some more: grain aliasing can only happen with a scanner that has a sharp lens and a low res sensor. With my V700 the opposite is the case and scanned negative film still looks grainy, while equally sharp slide film does not. The big difference between negs and slides is that different contrast ranges are mapped into RGB color space, and if you expand the small contrast of negative film (like RA4 paper does) you get an extra dose of punishment from scanner sensor noise.

The difference between an optical RA4 print and a negative scan is profound, but I still make negative scans to serve as contact sheets. One can get moderately sharp 4x6" prints from simple 35mm negative film scans and knows that much bigger enlargements are possible for those few winning shots that are worth the optical RA4 effort. Reminds me of the Ansel Adams quote: the negative is the score, the print the performance.