I saw a video on youtube of a photographer using a handheld off camera flash on the street.
I was wondering about the possibilities. Certainly for night stuff.
But I must say first, I don't know a lot about flash. I've only used the in camera flashes of camera's up until now. And well since it's very ugly most of the time I tend to use it very seldom.
Since I don't know a lot about flash, I don't know how it can be done. And how much it would cost.
So what I am asking is for a kit that is compact and light without costing too much and to be universal (so not proprietary for one camera)

The camera's I'd use it with are also very compact camera's.
Those small Rangefinders like Olympus XA (although not possible I think?) Olympus 35RD, Canon ql17 gIII, Yashica GX, etc.

Thanks ahead,