Hi guys!
I discovered from gaugefilm the following article (needs to be translated)


AGFA is filling the gap for a reversal stock, you can also find this on andec film website.
This is amazing news, leaving us with a choice of Fuji Velvia or the AGFA 160D that is upcoming. I always like AGFAs black and white materials, i cannot speak for their colour materials, their slide film (cr200) is quite grainy (35mm), but as this emulsion is 160ASA they are probably tweaking it a bit. The cost of black and white was increased as well, and my stock is depleted, and its not easy to obtain in the UK as present. A shame as i am going to london this weekend and would have loved to get black and white super 8 of the tube. It is also going to be available from ANDEC, as well.

This is good news for any super 8 shooters, including myself! There is light at the end of the tunnel! I cannot wait to get my hands on this new stock to try it out, but i have depleted my cash on stocking up on still film, and loads of paper. I am down to my last litre of E6.

And a little thing i will also put here, the price of velvia 100 appears to have increased by 2 from 7 day shop and other places, as have the cost of the E6 5L kits, both at identical times. Not sure if anyone else can elaborate on this or if it is just me...

I hope everyone is well.