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It seems most people using these document films are only concerned with resolution; most of the examples on the net show a problem with contrast.

I wanted to test a few rolls of Rollei/Agfa Retro 80s but my RLS developer was DOA. Several people have compared Retro 80s it to APX 25 - I'm curious to see the results. Do you have any experience with this film ?

Well, resolution is only one component of sharpness, and plays a relatively small role in overall subjective print quality. This is not to say resolution isn't important. But it's not as though general purpose medium speed films have poor resolution. On the contrary. So when comparing something like TMX to CMS20, what we're really talking about is high resolution versus ultra-high resolution. Further, can we actually take advantage of the very high resolution of a film like CMS20 beyond shooting a 2 dimensional target on an optical bench? Consider all the variables involved in making an actual photograph. Subject depth, tiny focusing errors, flatness variations at the film plane, vibration, enlarger alignment etc all conspire to obliterate lines per mm.

I have not used the specific Rollei film you mentioned so I can't comment on it.