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i must call upon your assistance once again guys! im thinking of moving on from my bronica sq-a and getting into technical cameras. i dont really know much about them to be honest. i love their style and the effects you can get with lens movements. im a little aware of graflex style ones and the horseman brand but that's about as far as my knowledge goes. can anyone help with any pointers on what to look out for at all? i know some will probably suggest just buying a 4x5 camera but im never going to shoot that big. ill be sticking to 120 film.
hi there

sorry to be one of the people who suggests you buy a 4x5 camera ...
i would suggest getting a toyo or similar view camera and using a roll film back ...
NOT because i am trying to convert you to use large format film .. BUT because with
a 4x5 camera, you will have the ability to use a group of lenses that will give you more coverage
for your MF negative, AND you will have a larger ground glass back so you will
have a bigger pallet to compose with.
there are a lot of cameras out there, rail cameras, and they will allow you to
twist your bellows into knots ( if you want ), they will allow you to use longer lenses ( if you like long lenses ) ...
you will need recessed lensboards to use things shorter than "xx mm " depending on what your needs are.
make sure you get something with a bag / balloon bellows or the ability to change them from straight accordion to bag bellows
because with shorter / "normal" MF lenses you will need to be free of the constraints accordion bellows serve up.

have fun !