The pile of arrived was building beyond the 'I should comment on them soon' level for me

I presume all from R28, botanywhere, here are my comments:

Anikin – honest officer-- A neat and quirky picture; a utility pole in the middle of the road. Nice tones and framing of the elements within the image. Not as uncommon as you may think in my line of work. We design all sorts of road improvements, and getting the utilities to relocate in a timely manner is akin to trying to pull human teeth with a pair of needle nosed pliers – painful, slow and has lots of cursing and screaming involved. This pole move may have been delayed waiting to get an easement beyond the road right of way to place a guy anchor so the pole line can follow the now curving road. Often road guys don’t think of other property requirements when thy design curves like this. Still there is no apparent cable tv or telephone line tenants on this pole. Moving a line with multiple tenants, now that is a real pain!

Black Dog – Zoomed distorted landscape view- I quite like it. The sort of image I have seen in photo books for a long time, but never actually got around to trying to make for myself. You have pulled this technique off quite well.

DRPSilver- Cairn- Very nice micro-tonality in the grey foreground mid tones. The tack sharp foreground playing against a sympathetically shaped out of focus background.

Jim17x – A couple ducks- A delightful low key image, that has your eye dancing around in the frame to take in all of the information.. Dark foreground anchors the lower left well, and grows to lighter though the willows to the upper right of the frame. Everything is as good as it could be, unless you were able to ask the ducks to make a nice triangular formation leading to the light….

Mooseontheloose- Stranglehold – A novel sight, well captured and presented from the eternal IR junkie herself. I love the ethereal quality IR gives to foliage, and you have made it work here very well. A proud square print image to top it all off.

Piu58 – Old Inn in Dobilz- Neat to see some things are the same the world over, while others are more novel to certain locales. I would never see the (to me characteristic) Bavarian roof lines in anything built around me here. The street furniture – the under maintained bench, and graffiti tagged traffic controller or power or telephone pedestal, well that is more typical to just about everywhere.
The fact that the inn grounds and old roof are so going to seed, but the antennas speak to what people value today harken me back to dream of what a more engaging pre tv age the world must have been.

Trond – On the Beach – I am glad you tilted it, because I am really not sure what I might have tried to place this image as being. It is a compelling abstraction, with the blowing scarf of perhaps a part of a person in the foreground, and the microtonal rock sitting free of the sand, with the striated sand from wave action at the upper end of the frame. Of course this is one of those images that works almost as well regardless of how you orientate it, and that to me is the mark of a good abstraction.

Warejn – View from a Cave, perhaps. Whatever it is, the image works. The strong maximum black dominating so much of the frame , with the lighter tones of the rocks, or perhaps weathered tree trunk diagonally incurring into it, injecting light to the image. A bold print. One that I certainly would not often try to pull off. I am glad you did this example so well.