Fabrizio- the Steve McCurry "Afghan Girl" was far more relevant to the story being told than this photo. With her, you could see the grit on her face and the stress and worry. That photo "said" something about Afghanistan. This photo doesn't say anything about the story it purports to represent. The individual happens to own a gun, and lives in Rochester. But he is not representative of living in "The Crescent", nor does he have anything to do with gun violence or drug traffic. The accuracy of his former MOS aside, I think part of the problem with calling him a "sniper" while in civilian attire implies that somehow he has not made the transition from military to civilian life, and is perhaps a survivalist or otherwise a "paranoid gun nut", things that are unsubstantiated by the image (note I said unsubstantiated, not proven or disproven). It comes across as someone who is NOT an American taking photos (and captioning them) with an agenda to portray the country as populated by armed fanatics living in a post-apocalyptic bunker mentality world. And while I will not deny there are people here who do think that way, they are far from the norm.