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Does the mlu switch move easily?
Yes, works fine. Unlike one that I owned in the '90s, which was stiff. Other than the missing cap on the advance lever, and the broken screw inside the advance shaft, the camera's in good working order. Only reason why I'm selling it is because I won an auction for an F2AS for $160 or so and need to come up with the funds to cover that purchase. Otherwise, I'd be out shooting with it.

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Over here on Nikon advertisements, the I in Nikon is pronounced as in the word in. Makes more sense to me. I understand that people in different countries would have different pronunciations but it's strange that the company itself uses different pronunciations depending on where it is being sold.

It all depends on the advertiser's dialect, it seems. In Japan, Nikon is pronounced with the i sounding like an "ee" sound and the o being the long o, not the short o. Here in the states, it's pronounced with the long i sound due to there being only one consonant between the two vowels. Unfortunately, when "Nikkormat" is pronounced how many say it, it begins sounding like a derogatory term for an African-American person with "mat" tacked onto the end. Same with "Nikkor".