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The sheer number of people and the easy exposure to them is diluting "quality."
Quality can't be 'diluted' - it can't itself be weakened, which was my point. It can only be ignored for a while. Quality is constant, so long as we still have a set of values in place to judge historical work - which we never forsake, because it holds 'information' about our humanity and a gateway to the past - you measure the virtue (or what matters) of contemporary work to this. Lineage. It's the only way historians can determine quality - looking for references and measuring up. Most photographers are historians to some extent; if they have a certain type of photography they know intimately, they don't, for instance, buy a terrible book of work by a 'pretender' in that genre/style, because it doesn't stand up. It only stands up if there's a connection with the other work you know.

I think the biggest threat to our sense of quality is simply bad archiving.