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An ignorant idiot? Runs in the family? Really? Considering all the aforementioned difficulties of carrying film in a mom and pop camera store and the pitiful returns on selling it, I'm surprised that the sheer disproportion of your remark did not occur to you before you hit the "submit reply" button. I find it perplexing... Perhaps you thought you were being insightful?
I don't agree with name calling either but given that Kodak most assuredly IS still making film, his claim of knowledge to the contrary clearly does display ignorance, in the real meaning of the word if not necessarily the connotation it has acquired in more recent times. He is probably not anything remotely like an "idiot," I agree. But he wasn't accused of ignorance (nor idiocy) for not carrying film. THAT is very understandable. He was accused of those things for claiming that Kodak quit making film five years ago, which is clearly and emphatically incorrect.