If you were to do RA4 printing, you do not need to heat the kodak chemicals, if you were to buy developer replenisher and blix kit without starter. Just run a couple of prints thru it to season the dev a bit first. The filtration settings can be different though, but that doesn't matter.

As for a safelight i use a VERY dim kodak no. 13 standard safelight (not directly illuminating paper) and i get really nice results. i have a 'safetorch' as well, which can be used for a few seconds at a time to position ones self. I do not have problems with fog, unless the safelights are positioned close to, and directly on the paper for more than 10 or 20 seconds.

RA4 is rewarding My jobo enlarger is OLD but i get superb quality prints from it, i have a good enlarger lens as well. I can rarely find a lab that prints how I want to, as how i like them to look can only be judged by me, not an unknown operator.