first off I know this is not the best picture, but....... not really sure I picked this one to upload except it is exactly as I remember it, colors brightness and all.


wow is this film awesome. this is just a straight jpg that was sized reduced right out of vuescan with no processing at all, just a little ICE. colors are great and not over done like i was kinda expecting based on things I've read. sharp, sharp, sharp. on the uncompressed TIFF I can fill the clock on the tower completely in the screen and read it with little to no artifacting. The yellow tiles of the dome, when you zoom in, can be clearly separated with the white grout in between. the top of the clock tower dome that has the ornate metal design, you can see the sky through it and clearly make out edge detail.

Oh, one more thing I really like about this film. My butt white boys are still butt white! no awful huge red cast to white skin like velvia 50 and 100. There is some boost to the skin color but nothing like the velvia's. More like Provia. so now i have a slide film with great colors that I can have my family in. Alas I only have 9 rolls left and will more than likely never be able to buy any more. So I will save them for special moments (which means in 10 years i'll have 8 rolls left) while I use my stash of velvia for everything else. And when these were projected, just breathtaking. can't wait to show them to my DSLR shooting friends and ask them to compare their "slide shows" to mine. take that