I just became the proud owner of a Nikon FE2 with 3 lenses. the previous owner said she last used it about a year ago with no light leaks. I put in batteries and it all works. I gently touched the foam mirror bumper at the edge of the focus screen and its still springy, but feels a bit tacky. I did not want to fool with the light seals in the channels next to the film path but the wider piece on the back next to the hinge feels ok. Howver, I notice when the back is closed, there is a little play in the back in that you can push it in more after its latched, and when you let go it will spring back with a click. Maybe about 0.5 mm of play. Is this normal or could it be a sign of light seals too worn down?

ALso, the eyepiece is chrome with no rubber edge or eyecup. Is there a screw-in piece missing, or is that how it is if you dont need an adjustment diopter? I wear glasses and wonder about the tshin hard metal edge scratching them. (The camera has a really low eyepoint, but I knew that before buying.)