Thanks so much for all your responses the community here is wonderfully helpful but unfortunately the problem is continuing.

DWThomas i was looking at the counter reset lever thing in my ae-1 today and thinking that may be the culprit however i have added a more light seal and even gone to the extent of wrapping the entire edge of the closed back in black lightproof tape

What really bloody confuses me is that the leaks whilst consistently placed they are completley indiscriminate even appearing in a frame where my flash hadn't quite recharged and as such was a totally black frame (see image #67760001 & 67760016 of attached contact sheet)


But then dont appear at all on fully lit daylight frames. I know for a fact this was the roll i tested with it black tape across all the hinges, the closing and latching side, top and bottom joins for the back door and even over the missing battery cover on the front. So this somewhat rules out light leaks from the malfunctioning door.

So i think it must be one of the following
- Light leaking in through the top of the camera somehow shutter winder, shutter speed dial, etc.
- Something is up with the lens although inspecting it showed no issues with any of the functions like aperture blades.
- Something to do with a the mirror or focus screen, doubtful but i'm clutching at straws
- The lab has some sort of broken step of their development machine that exposes occasional frames to light.

This has got me totally baffled, especially the leaks on the blank frames and I'm getting ever closer to convincing myself I'm gonna have to just get a Nikon FM2 to replace it ... My overdraft would suffer terribly but at least i wouldn't be wasting 8 rolls of film.

Any tips ?