Introduction to Film Photography in Black & White – 35mm & Medium Format

You will learn to operate and take photographs with a modern 35 mm camera. Cameras are supplied for the instruction component of this course to facilitate learning on similar equipment. You are also encouraged to bring your own camera and we are happy help you learn how to use it. Please keep in mind, however, that troubleshooting difficult equipment takes time away from learning photography so make sure you have a basic understanding of your camera’s controls and that it is in good working order. Please be prepared to learn on the equipment provided and then let us help you transfer those skills to your equipment.

You will learn camera controls; shutter speed, f-stop, focus, Film ASA setting, and others. You will learn principles of photography; image composition, characteristics of light, depth of focus, effects of motion, and others. In short you will learn how to use your camera to achieve pleasing and reliable results. You will learn to use your camera both in its automatic mode as well as in a manual mode. You will learn a wide variety of photographic techniques that can’t help but make you a better photographer. You will learn how to develop black & white film and how to print a contact sheet. You will have the opportunity to shoot, develop, and print multiple rolls of film.

Friday – Meet & Greet and Familiarization with Facilities & Equipment

Saturday – Lecture & Practice

Discussion and practice on camera use

Take photographs & Develop Film

Evaluate / Discuss Results

Sunday – Lecture & Practice

Field Shoot

Develop Film

Monday – Practice & Wrap up

Make Contact Sheets

Wrap Up

What to Bring: Notebook & pencil, Clothing suitable for outdoors in Montana, Willingness to learn, Patience

A more specific list of all equipment and materials needed, will be sent to you via e-mail in advance of your course.
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