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Red Tractors,

I think Dan hit it on the head. Welcome.

Everyone attending came for the first time at one point, even the host. This event works because people who like it come back and contribute their interest. It builds because new people come to see what it is all about and end up adding something of their own. If the event doesn’t grow, it dies. You all come and bring prints to show if you want.

In the first post I wrote, “If you have not been here before please PM me with name, address, phone, email and emergency contact in case you do something you shouldn’t have. I will return with directions and our phone number.”

I purposely copied Bill Schwab’s plan of stating various times during the event when, in theory, we would all come together. Those are Friday evening after 5 PM, 9 AM and 5 PM Saturday, and Sunday 10 AM brunch. Other times are catch as catch can.

Please ask any questions you have. Let me know if you are camping. Come and enjoy.

John & Dolly Powers