Loulou, I too can relate to how you feel with digital.

For me though, the icing on the cake is the analogue-to-digital and finally print, then mat and framing; it's not lacking soul, but a lot of highly refined technique that was first hatched way back in 1990. The 'transition process' is the beauty is in the finished image with very little necessary 'tweaking' by digital means and is a very, very valuable experience in this day and age where digital will eventually, at some indeterminate point of time in the future, replace film. I'm earnestly hoping that's no time soon — not in my lifetime at least, because I'm having too much fun with analogue to digital and the team I work with are bringing my images to beauty where they are shown on my walls. I would never ever go back to the all-analogue Ilfochrome Classic process — I would describe it as a callous waste of money with little wiggle room for even the most basic of improvements other than contrast masking.

I do not and never will store images on a computer or negatives/trannies stuffed in folders (nor post them to the web, other than what I specifically and necessarily choose to amongst close friends) never to see the light of day. I certainly hope you print and frame your images from the EOS 1V: it's not a beast to botch any job on its own.