What's an earth first calendar?

Good question. A series of calendars put out in the 1980s and early 1990s featuring conservation and related political information and art (much anti-James Watt, which AA would certainly approve of). 1985's dates match this year's (2013). Actually reviewing this calendar on my wall and the similarly published 1985 Western Wilderness Calendar, I see that AA's birthday was noted on the WW calendar.

More here:
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http://www.abbeyweb.net/calendars/ea...tml#Heading174 (ed abbey: another one gone that we could use more of these days...)

And AA the Pianist! Almost forgot!

And I agree with '
'batwister''s comments (hey, when I signed up for apug I was told to use my real name!) that it's fashionable to 'diss' AA... Because he's about the only photographer most people can name, if they can name any (in the US at least). And while other famous photographers have done much to educate (Galen Rowell comes to mind), nobody (of photographers) came close to Adams in 'service' to photography and society, in my opinion.