Hey guys,

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for all the posts on suggestions. I switched my developer to Kodak D-76 and it pushes great, has great tones, and still retains good detail in the shadows. The negatives are plenty sharp too for my printing size. However, I am getting small bubble like areas on this film now too. I am mixing the developer 1:1, developing for 11.5 minutes, Tri-x at 800. I bang my tank when I agitate, I have tried more and less banging and the bubbles still exist. In this most recent case they do not clearly ruin the image. They are most obvious (or maybe only occur?) in large areas of middle gray tones. Im assuming the problems from my last developer came from pushing it too far with the dilution. But now I am doing something EXTREMELY standard, and getting what looks like air bubbles no matter what I do! Any help on this one?

(For anyone purely interested in this image as an example, its a 50mm f1.5 Nokton at 1.5)

This image does have the curve manipulated to accentuate the issue, but it is slightly visible under normal viewing. The spots are mostly on the left in the gradient in this image.
Spots examples.jpg