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re Durst
Get ALL the parts when you get the enlarger.
Because Durst is out of the enlarger business, you are completely dependent on the secondary/used market for parts.
I'm still gathering missing parts for my L1000, and that has taken a LOT of time, effort and extra cost. And yes some parts are VERY VERY difficult to find, and EXPENSIVE when you do find it.
You will pay a premium for individual parts vs. getting it all with the enlarger. ESPECIALLY the condenser lenses. There are guys out there taking these enlargers apart to sell the pieces individually. If you are not careful, you can easily double or triple the cost of the enlarger when you have to replace missing parts.

This also applies to Omegas and Besslers, but to a much lesser degree.

If you are not buying new, get the enlarger as complete as you can, to minimize the cost of replacing missing parts.
The cost of replacement parts could turn what you thought was a great deal into a BUST.
There are a lot fewer Durst enlargers here in North America then there are Omega and Beseler units.

In Europe, it is the other way around.

To the OP: Take a close look at the storage space you have available. If you have something like a closet available, you can put a fairly large enlarger on a cart, and roll it back and forth.

Here is a shot of my Beseler 67C with a dichroic head and an XL column rolled into our bathroom on its cart.

My Omega D6 on its cart? It needs a bigger closet .