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Also I think that to an American audience somebody in a garage with a rifle is much more natural than to an European audience. An American would probably not get the "exceptionality" of the civilian in civilian dress with an assault rifle (or whatever it is) at his foot.
This is probably an important point. I'd also point out that to an American audience that's only sort of "civilian" dress; the t-shirt fairly obviously marks him as either a Marine or (less likely) a militia-type paramilitary-wannabe. The ammo belt over his shoulder also reads strongly as military. My first thought was that he had the Special Forces look, and I don't think that registers with a European audience---which happens to be where the story was first published, though I don't know if Pellegrin knew he was shooting for European publication at the time and this particular photo didn't run there.

But the image to the intended audience "speaks" about a degraded economy, a compromised security in the city. It's created and it's a way to tell one story in one image, that's all.
I can't really tell what Pellegrin's original plans for the photo were from the coverage, so it's hard to stake out a position on how much he was obliged to be doing "hard" journalism and how much artistic license was appropriate.