I live here in Shanghai China and send off my film to a small lab run buy a group of young kids who are passionately into film. They run a REAL professional shop and until I found them, I almost gave up on shooting film here in China. The results I was getting from other labs all gave me horribly scratched negatives. I have not seen a SINGLE scratch from the lab I use now so I am very happy with them. Further, their scans are just wonderful. I have sent them 50 rolls or more in the last 4-5 months at least.

So, I got a call from this lab. Earlier this week I sent them 17 rolls of film from my trip to Japan last week. Was there a problem? I was worried that my vacation photos were lost! No problem. In fact, they said that the images that they were seeing from my film were so good that they were calling to ask for permission to publish some of them on their shop's web site. They were asking for my permission and camera details!

I dont know if it was the right thing to do, but I said yes, go ahead and use my images. This young company does a lot to support film use here in Shanghai (actually all of China; they get film sent to them for developing from all across the nation) and if publishing a few of my images helps them out, it helps everyone who shoots film.

I have not seen my images yet so as you can imagine, I am VERY excited to see what they find so interesting.

Would you say yes if you were in my shoes?