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Well, one could of course. I prefer not for several reasons, one being that unless it is a very closed photograph (i.e. the message is not much up to interpretation), the message changes with context, and the most significant part of that is you, since you interpret the message, so it tends to get messy keeping the picture, it's inherent message and your interpretation apart, and it's far too easy to dismiss something one is not comfortable with (on purpose or not).

Take for instance this legendary photograph of the Soviet Flag on the Reichstag.

It is a very powerful image of victory. But does it convey the victory of communism, or merely the defeat of the German Nazis?

Well, the intention was certainly at least partly to intimidate the west and show off Stalin muscles. But did it? And does it now after the fall of communism?
Yeah, that makes sense. Kind of a plundering the Egyptians attitude, even when the intention wasn't good doesn't mean we can't take it and apply it in a good way.