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One is tungsten and the other is daylight?

Looks like the cars are paring on the wrong side of the street.

Images were taken in Australia

The bottom one is the +2 'push' 400 chart (which i thought was the best out of the split bath charts) which should be shown somewhere above.

Except in that case I used the same colour balancing settings as for the gold 100, showing it would have yo be printed significantly differently in the dark room then you would normally print C-41 film. Different filtration and exposure.

If you are able to balance the grey scale then theoretically it should print well. Key word is if. I should shoot a grey patch up and down and plot curves of this process vs C-41 process of the same film.

But the next roll I want to try is Superia 800 at night and see what extreme it is useful at.

It may very well simply be outside the range of filtration available to be able to make a neutral balance print in the dark room even though technically the colour is serviceable when the grey scale is neutral, as the print material isn't matched to it.

Unless one wants to fiddle with a print developer (perhaps a CD-3 split bath for the ultimate in laziness? ) but that's a can of worms I don't wish to open.

Or perhaps a blue enlarging light or 80A in the filtration path to give you more control of blue/yellow.