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Did the gears in your MD-3 break?

I LOVE lithium batteries. I started using them for their lighter weight, but they also seem less likely to leak.
Also, Sover Wong recommends using the CR 1/3N lithium-manganese 3 volt cell in the F2 bodies. Doesn't sweat, so no chance of corrosion. Both my F2's have them. As does my FM2n. All my motor drives, including the F-36, have lithiums in them. As does my SB-26.

Re: the gears on the MD-3, Sover can fix that, or supply the parts necessary to permanently fix the issue. His brass gears. The auto rewind featue is nice, but it really isn't much faster than just spinning the crank. I can't remember the last time I used that feature on an MD-1 or MD-2.