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StoneNYC, yes I'm overwhelmed by the quantity AND quality of the replies I got so far, but It also give me a lot of work too lol.

My to do is to :
- get better exposure of my film/learn to use the camera.
- start home dev BW film, then when I am used to doing it try color (looks like I can save a ton of money doing it myself.
- start B/W enlargment and then try color enlargment.
- try slide film when I am ok with exposition.
- finish reading the 3 AA books Camera/negative/print.

B&W is certainly cheaper than a lab, but color, it's a toss up, it's a LOT more work, and you can save money for sure, but you basically have to stockpile the color until there's enough of it to develop until your chemistry is exhausted, otherwise it goes bad really fast. So you spend all day developing 20-30 rolls, it's a nightmare... I'm moving away from color, I'll keep my Velvia because it's just yummy haha, but other than that, I'm trying to purge all my C-41... in fact I have a thread about it, want to trade?